Program Overview

Seven PhD programs (ACCT/ECON/FINA/IS/OM/MARK/MGMT) are offered in the HKUST Business School either as an integrated MPhil and PhD program or a direct-entry PhD program.

Applicants without a Research Masters degree (except HKPFS awardees) in the relevant area will be considered for the integrated program. Research Masters degree holders in the relevant area will be considered for the PhD program.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPFS) Awardees will be admitted directly to the PhD program.

Program Structure

The PhD programs have an initial period (2-2.5 years) of coursework, consisting of required and elective courses in a major field, cross-discipline courses, and general management courses. Students have to meet minimum credit requirements, pass a qualifying examination and write one or two research papers (depending on the departmental requirement). Students are expected to start their research early and spend no less than 2.5 years on their dissertation.

Students with a Research Masters degree in a relevant area from another institution may transfer credits, subject to a maximum limit.

Integrated Program

In the integrated program, students will first complete an MPhil program (normative study period is two years). Subject to satisfactory performance and passing a qualifying examination, they will then transition to the 3-year PhD program. Most of the coursework required for the PhD program is expected to be completed in the MPhil program, so that students will be able to focus primarily on their thesis writing while in the PhD program.

Please refer to the Program Requirements for the respective programs.

Program Requirements

• PhD in Accounting
• PhD in Economics
• PhD in Finance
• PhD in Information Systems
• PhD in Operations Management
• PhD in Management
• PhD in Marketing